Các lỗi thường gặp

Code :
  • Code: CH
  • Description: TD cartridge not installed
  • Causes: Check if TD cartridge is installed.
  • Code: E7-03
  • Description: HSYNC cannot be detected.
  • Causes: LSU (laser diode, reception element, APC circuit) trouble LSU drive circuit (ASIC) trouble
  • Code: E7-04
  • Description: CCD white level trouble
  • Causes: CCD drive circuit (CCD PWB, ASIC harness) trouble Copy lamp lighting trouble (Copy lamp, invertor PWB)
  • Code: E7-05
  • Description: CD black level trouble
  • Causes: CCD drive circuit (CCD PWB, ASIC, harness) trouble
  • Code: E7-12
  • Description: Shading trouble (white correction)
  • Causes: Dirt on white plate for scanning white level
  • Code: E7-14
  • Description: ASIC connection trouble
  • Causes: Improper connection between CPU and ASIC (pattern cut, improper connection of lead pin)
  • Code: E7-15
  • Description: Copy lamp OFF trouble
  • Causes: Copy lamp or copy lamp drive circuit (invertor PWB) trouble Copy lamp disconnection
  • Code: H2-00
  • Description: Thermistor open detection
  • Causes: The fusing thermistor is open.
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